L'obiettivo sarà quello di acquisire commesse nel settore russo delle infrastrutture. È nata a Mosca la MMB Project Rus: una joint venture tra la società MM Spa, interamente controllata dal Comune di Milano, e Millenium Bank, del gruppo delle Ferrovie dello Stato russe. La MMB Project Rus è una società di diritto russo,

The Single Market is one ofEurope’s greatest achievements, designed to allow goods, services, capital and people to move more freely. It offers opportunities for professionals and businesses and a greater choice and lower prices for consumers. It enables people to travel, live, work and study wherever they wish. But these opportunities do not always materialise, because single market rules are

Appropriately sequenced reforms can address long-standing structural inefficiencies and spur growth over the long run, according to the World Bank’s Economic Update for Belarus. The economy needs far-reaching institutional changes which can positively affect enterprise performance, support innovation, and help

EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, launched a new phase of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA), called Global Climate Change Alliance plus (GCCA+), which will run until 2020. The GCCA+ is set to become one ofEurope’s key tools to assist the world’s most

The euro area (EA19) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 10.8% in September 2015, down from 10.9% in August 2015, and from 11.5% in September 2014. This is the lowest rate recorded in the euro area since January 2012. The EU28 unemployment rate was 9.3% in September 2015, down from 9.4% in August 2015,

The 5G Test Network Finland, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, interconnects with 5thGear programme’s test networks which are funded by Tekes, Finnish funding agency for innovation. This test environment will provide industry, SMEs and startups their first taste of 5G mobile technology functionalities well before 5G becomes

A failure to embrace long-term structural reforms that boost productivity and free up entrepreneurial talent is harming the global economy’s ability to improve living standards, solve persistently high unemployment and generate adequate resilience for future economic downturns, according to The Global Competitiveness Report 2015-2016.

Nel mese di ottobre 2015 si è realizzato un fabbisogno del settore statale pari, in via provvisoria, a circa 6.200 milioni, che si confronta con un fabbisogno di 8.539 milioni del corrispondente mese del 2014.  Nei primi dieci mesi dell’anno il fabbisogno del settore statale si attesta a circa 55.800 milioni, con un miglioramento di oltre 21.500 milioni rispetto

Quasi 79mila procedimenti di mediazione depositati presso gli Organismi delle Camere di commercio dall’avvio della obbligatorietà del tentativo di conciliazione (marzo 2011); 45 giorni la durata media per la risoluzione di questi contenziosi; 124mila euro il valore dei procedimenti. Sono i numeri della mediazione civile e commerciale svolta